Blogspot blocked – why?

Why why why? Hope you read this story doing the rounds today: DoT casts a cloud on bloggers’ paradise

If the blockage is due to the fact that bad guys were using blogs to communicate, then why stop them? Let them communicate and let us just snoop on them.If blogspot was blocked because some guys are on an online terror campaign, lets trace and figure who they are, and check if they have links to the bad guys.

How many people in India read blogs anyway? Even if 10% of the online population of 16-17 million do, we are talking about less than 2 million people out of 1 billion.
I am just hoping they don’t block wordpress as well.


One Response

  1. I doubt any terrorist wud put somthing out in english on a site which can be viewed by all

    wont email be simplier??

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