Nandini: cheating or negligence?

Last week, one day when I was short on milk at home, I ran out to buy a packet of Nandini. Guy at the grocery store asked for 8 rupees. It was broad daylight, and I could read the printed MRP was Rs 6.50! I then had this doubt whether the guy was selling me fresh milk or not. So I searched for a “date of packaging” on that packet of milk.

Well, I couldn’t find it! I have checked every packet of Nandini I could since then, but no luck. I just can’t find a ‘packaging’ or ‘must-sell-by’ date! There is supposed to be a date stamp which is never there.

What do you call this – simple act of negligence, or cheating?


6 Responses

  1. The dates will be embossed on curds packet in the edges. Not sure of milk.

  2. I did check for the date on the milk pouch but couldnt find it as well. Where are the legal metrology guys ? (i guess harassing some small timers !)

  3. I still cant find the date stamps. Please write to them at / / and let them know.

  4. […] So I went to a nearby grocer one morning. Purpose, to buy milk. 1 liter of milk and guy asked for Rs 15. As always, I couldn’t find any packaging date printed on Nandini milk pouches, but the MRP (Maximum Retail Price) was loud and clear, Rs 6.50. That meant the grocer was breaking the law by asking for an extra Rupee on each pouch. I showed him the printed MRP and he apologized. Victory! Next scene. […]

  5. hi,

    we have just moved to Bangalore. have a question about Nandini Milk that gets delivered to our doorstep….

    do we need to boil it before consuming it ? I am not sure…can some one advise us please ???


  6. I was told you need to boil it so I do. (Cant believe I am answering such a thing on a blog!)

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