5 steps to deal with terrorism

Let me add some color and reason to this dashing post at churumuri.

1. We should ask Pak to hand over Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon before we …

– Not that we have not asked. Their official word is these two aren’t in Pakistan.

2. We have been parading Abu Salem as if he is a state dignitary all over the country …

3. We have been taking Monica Bedi, Salem’s girl friend, around the country as if she is a model …

– Part Rhetoric. Yes, the case could move faster, but he is not being paraded around to tourist spots.

4. We take pride in photographing ‘Terrorist Training Centres’ in Pak/ POK through our ISRO satellites … instead of shooting them down …

5. We bring our ‘Sophisticated Weaponry which can reduce enemy to ashes’ … every year during Republic Parade and take those weapons to barracks to be kept under moth balls to bring them again the following Republic Day Parade …

– Cool down! How will you shoot them down without causing a full fledged nuclear war?

6. Ours is probably the only nation, which should take pride in the fact that its then external affairs minister actually chaperoned terrorists in his plane and took them to safety …

7. Even before investigation is underway we have idiotic politicians ‘jumping’ to save suspect organizations for fear of their ‘Vote Banks’. You won’t find a better traitor in history!

– Truth this time! No wonder we are the most mulayam state in this world.

8. The more politicians hail spirit of people to raise from the ashes, you can be sure they are in collusion with terrorists either in abetting the crime or giving them a clean chit.

– “In collusion with terrorists” part is a bit filmy. The fear of getting exposed as a “direct” Desh Drohi will be too much for our populist politicians.

9. Don’t again ask ‘Big Sam’ to define a ‘terrorist’. Have your own definition …

10. The country should decide ‘Enough is Enough’ and take steps … Don’t be a sissy.

– Bingo #9 and well said #10. Its not about being sissy though. Its simply about being incapable and inefficient, internal security is just another area where we and our government suck.

Sanitizing and rephrasing things a bit, the ways of dealing with terrorism would be:

  1. Strengthen internal security: start with national identity cards for all. This must be mandatorily recorded when buying phones and renting houses.
  2. Deal with naxalism. Win them over by investing in growth of our rural areas. Dont leave them to spin cotton on the charkhas left behind by Gandhi-ji.
  3. Talk true secularism. Make minorities feel a part of us, dont just appease them. Dont do the extremes of either Narendra Modi or Article 370.
  4. Fund a covert Pak destabilization plan. Essentially play their game.
  5. On all the rivers that flow into Pakistan + Bangaladesh, build huge dams just before the border. And water-blackmail them as needed.

One Response

  1. That dam thing was the best idea ever. Knowing our indian ministry though, that’s just another way to funnel money into their pockets for another 25 years.

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