The bright side: slow traffic is safer

Okay, the headline is a bit misleading. You wouldn’t have read this if I had used the word helmet there. Despite numerous reports that say wearing helmets could save lives, our city has been flip flopping about making helmets mandatory for two wheelers.

Congress puts brakes on helmet rule.

Our hundred year old Congress party says:

When traffic movement is sluggish, how can major accidents occur in the heart of the city

Wow! These politicians are some think-tanks. Since they cant help or push traffic improvements, they are learning to live with it. Or perhaps, its in a politician’s blood to see positives in everything.

And another lawmaker says:

A middle-class family cannot afford three or four helmets

Three or four helmets!? I thought we were talking about two wheelers here. Or does he think bike riders are multi headed monsters? ;)

We are being led to believe that a guy who can buy a Rs 20000-40000 two wheeler, cant afford a few Rs 800 helmets? Going by that argument, emission norms shouldn’t have been enforced either, because they add a few thousands to the cost of vehicles.

O dumb and shortsighted lawmakers, please! Don’t play populism at least when it comes to safety. Just make it mandatory that all two wheelers be sold with bundled helmets. No helmet, no vehicle, just like the registration. Simple.


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