Fly over what? – part II

Shall I say I told you so (Fly over what – part I)? Unless done as part of a larger plan, flyovers are nothing but waste of public money.

Read this: Newly-opened flyover comes a cropper.

Its only the beginning. Wait till the airport road flyover is 100% complete. Whereas we had only two longer (hence more manageable) jams in that region, we will now end up having 5. 2 jams each on 100 feet road and airport road. And at 1 jam on the flyover itself where the ramps (the so called l oops) join the flyover.

Flyovers, or even road enhancements for that matter, are a waste if you are thinking about solving a very local problem. For example, I predict two traffic messes of similar type coming up in Marthahalli area:

  1. They have widened the road from the ISRO turn till Marathahalli shopping area. So you will soon get 4 good lanes to drive on this stretch. As you hit the shops, all of a sudden, 4 lanes become 2, 1 each way. And if you have ever driven in Indian cities, you would know that these “merges” are the messiest points on the road. People creep in from the sides, and bigger vehicles use their size to nose ahead of others.
  2. Similarly, 6 laning the famous Marathahalli railway bridge, once that is done, expect massive and unmanageable jam in the bus stand area and on the bridge. The widened bridge is just going to move the jam by half a kilometer, that’s it.

[When I said commute to ITPL could get better, I assumed they will six lane the entire stretch from ORR to the bridge. I also thought they will do clean 4 laning of road throughout the chaotic shopping area. But I don’t see any activity to indicate these two are going to happen.]

Unfortunately, I see none of the current initiatives easing up Bangalore traffic. The solutions are:

  • Good public transport (Volvo thing is a good initiative). Monorail, Metro whatever. Just need a clean, efficient and predictable system.
  • Through-the-city expressways, preferably elevated or fenced so that they dont become business roads.
  • Investment in traffic policing, especially parking and lane driving discipline.

Or, think big. Stuff like:

  • Moving the airport is a good example, that’s the best way to ease up airport road.
  • Encouraging businesses to move alongside BMIC, if that project ever gets completed.

Or, think different:

  • The mother of all solutions will be – move state capital to either a greenfield city, or another smaller city. (Deve Gowda, your chance to do something for Hassan!). And then just move all government offices to the new capital.
  • Create another Bangalore. Why not!? Why should one city eat all the cake? Western Karnataka is so beautiful, IT companies will love to move if there is massive investment and encouragement towards greenfield IT hubs (SEZ is the term).

Till any of above happen, crore by crore, lets just watch public money go down the drain.


2 Responses

  1. Very good analysis…there is land enough on the marathalli shopping area which is vacant with no compount walls…i assume its govt land..why done they use it and widen the road there..

  2. Why not move IT industries out of Bangalore and let state govt. stay?

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