TOI didn’t miss it

I am glad, I wasn’t the only one. When I did my detailed Times of India flipping over lunch, I noticed that they made note of the damage in their small “City Digest” column. Here is a scan and what they said (I am breaking a rule of my own here. I wait at least a day before I scan newspaper pics that they don’t put up on their public websites):

punctured road
Just as a new road was laid for the flyover inauguration on Airport Road on Wednesday, it was punctured to put up a pandal for the function. Who will own up for this?

Update: DH too made a passing mention of this act of negligence. To quote:

Wrecked, already?

Will the newly constructed flyover bear signs of ‘destruction’ on the inaugural day? Some motorists complained on Tuesday that the flyover was dug up on the middle of the newly-laid road to build the pandal for the event. According to Salil Shankar, who works in Indiranagar, “the road was spoilt even before it was inaugurated”. Fuming against the organisers, the BDA, Shankar said, “Who is going to finally pay for the repairs? The taxpayer, of course. Is this the level of responsibility the builders have towards their own project?”.


4 Responses

  1. I was glad to find that this link was easy to access through Google.

    I can’t see a more ‘air-headed’ approach towards public service than this – lay down a beautiful new road – and be the first one to not just drive on it, but to drive holed into it as well! Shabbaash!

  2. Hmm.. not a very common sight 3-4 years back. Not a very good sign is it?

  3. Yes, unfortunate to our democratic ways of loosing out the tax-earned money….shameful!!

  4. […] What do you think, is it okay to do a thing like this in the name of Ganesha? Do people even pause and think  that someone has committed a ‘crime’ here? No they dont. And neither do they complain or object when the government does similar stuff. […]

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