Spirit of Mumbai and all that cr**

I was watching CNN-IBN last night, it was around 8 pm. They had barely started pulling the dead out of blasted train compartments, and Rajdeep Sardesai started thinking about tomorrow. “Will you take the trains tomorrow morning, will the spirit of Mumbai live on” was the question a reporter asked a crowd that had assembled to seek some camera time.

One lady answered, “Kya karein, Majboori hai. Kaam pe to jaana hai, and local train is the only way”. The reporter cut back to the studios as fast as she could, and Rajdeep continued, ” … so the summary is the spirit of Mumbai will live on, nothing can … blah blah blah”. I told myself, this talk of spirit of Mumbai and all that stuff just cr**.

mumbai local trainIs it compulsion, majboori? Half of Mumbai gets packed in those locals like sardines twice each day, yet not many complain. Rains strike every July, but rainy seasons end with talk of Mumbaikars having *braved* yet another monsoon. Blasts and riots happen alarmingly often, and life has learnt to move on in cold ignorance.

Or is it a mix of compulsion and cowardice? I mean look at the city. No space to breath. Lessons in urban poverty at every corner. People rushing everywhere. People coping everywhere. We have all but learnt to live the lives of urban rats. We have simply lowered our expectations, Mumbai today, Kolkata yesterday and Bangalore tomorrow?mumbai flood

Don’t get me wrong. I too love Mumbai, like I do Bangalore and other cities. But our inability or unwillingness – god only knows the real reason – to demand more and expect better is the thing that bothers me a lot. Perhaps its neither inability nor unwillingness or majboori, the word may be selfishness – chal hat, kaam pe jaana hai, faaltoo time nahin apun ke paas.


3 Responses

  1. exactly,

    what is this? Why are we all and mumbaikars in particular showing so much apathy?

    This is not the first time Mumbai or India have faced such attacks. Every time whoever is in power comes and gives some pravachana about ekta, resolve and other such intangible, meaningless crap. They always ask us to be strong.
    But what are they doing? What have they done? What have they learnt?

    Forget about bringing the culprits to justice for a moment, lets consider the first response to such attacks.

    What are the first response systems that have been conceptualized, designed and implemented to handle such situations or is it all ad-hoc, relying on the fatigue, apathy and numbness of ordinary people?

    Is there even anybody out there who is analyzing and fine-tuning these systems?

    Have the emergency services improved?

    What was the performance analysis of first responders yesterday? what sort of medical services were available to the injured? how were they handled? what sort of medical services were available? Were they pushed into the already overcrowded govt hospitals were private hospitals enlisted? If not why?

    Has co-ordination between various depts like fire, police, railway police, improved?
    What was there performance?

    What systems worked what did not?
    Who was co-ordinating? Is there man who is supposed to be in-charge in these situations?
    What was the role played in recovery by each and every public servant yesterday?

    What the f*** did sarkaar do for normalcy to return?
    or was it more like hatao yaar hatao yeh sab kal kaam pe jana hein.

    MMS says we should be bold. what the f*** is he going to do for our recovery?
    Why the f*** did LALU award compensation? What sort of response is that? Who do they think these people are, kids to be patronized by gifts and candies?
    What is his authority? Did people die bcoz of a fault of the railways? was there a bridge they did not repair? on what basis did he calculate the comp amt?

    Who takes care of the medical expenses of the injured? Why is the health minister silent? Why is Arjun Singh not saying anything about introducing first-aid as a compulsory subject in schools?

    Why the f*** was shivraj patil reading from a paper like a robot? Was he not enraged enough to say even a few sentences on his own? Did his blood not boil? It’s his home state man.

    Why do I get a feeling they are just sweeping it all under the carpet.
    The death of these many people means nothing man. Letz go and show some resolve. shaata.

  2. all we are good for is to work, earn, spend and consume so that in the next world economic forum these guys can go & gloat that India has this much GDP this much PPP. that’s all we are good for. numbers. statistics.

  3. Right said Subba. But I must caution, lets not blame “these guys” alone. Question yourself, us. Aren’t we a party to all this? Too selfish and engrossed in our own silos that we have forgotten the word “community living”? Why is it that I and you feel hurt only when our small silo is breached – look at Koramangala for example.

    We got to start devoting time to things outside our homes. We have had poverty as an excuse so far, alright. But now when a handful really “can”, we must give our community more time and attention.

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