Airport road flyover – punctured even before inauguration!

As Mr Kumaraswamy rushes to inaugurate the airport road flyover, most likely today, I took a look and noticed two things.

First, they are ready to open only the main section of the flyover, just the road-bridge over airport road. No way is this project inauguration worthy. There is mess around waiting to be cleaned up. And the loops that allow free left turns – they promise to complete these by August – look like being good 3 months away from completion.

Two, in their excitement to celebrate the inauguration function, these morons have punctured the newly laid road to put up a huge tent for the occasion. I was really shocked to see that!

While we could forgive BDA for premature announcement about flyover being ready (they have since said the project is not 100% complete), the seemingly trivial job of digging up the new road even before inauguration is so annoying.

Are these guys brain dead? Why do 10 inch thick roads and talk about maintenance and road digging policies for BWSSB and BESCOM when you yourself are willing to puncture holes through them. Perhaps its the JD(S) workers who did this, to make sure they organize a grand function to please their leader. If yes, then will they pay to patch or resurface the road?

BTW, BDA has almost admitted to the High Court that Rs 9.11 crores were wasted on this project due to their negligence.

The road digging incident further shows that, really, public money flows like water here.


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  1. Morons is absolutely the right word. Nobody thinks of such things EVER!!!!

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  3. How not to design a flyover

    The problems with Bangalore’s infrastructure are well-known. Everybody knows we have pathetic pot-holed roads, more traffic than the roads can handle, and an administration that talks through the wrong orifice about fixing things. Heck, we can boast t…

  4. We need more people like you to boldly (good work !) write about B’lore’s pathetic infrastructure. Our political parties boast of morons and sycophants who do nothing for the betterment of our cities.

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  6. Thanks Cheryl. But please dont blame the politicians alone. Me and you are guilty as well, for we opt to play the silent witness.

  7. Hi all,
    Morons seems to be a very decent word to describe our politicians and officials of BDA and other offices. But I do agree with silkboard that we are the silent witness. Will a complete ban on inaguration functions by help? Opening of these projects can be celebrated and informed to people thru media. Let our CM speak from a TV studio for hours boasting his achievements every week!!

  8. Mahesh, glad I found someone who agrees with ‘the silent witness’ thing.

    Actually, these functions should be chaired by the people who actually do the work. Could be the engineers, or the beaurocrats (who are always pipped by their politician god-fathers when it comes to hogging some limelight).

    In the same breadth, I don’t like the full page ads that governments splash whenever these projects start or end. these usually have two or three ministers’ names and photos. We can put an end to this ‘fight-for-credit’ by doing all these announcements in the name of governor or the president.

  9. we are the true morons .. the public. what do we do about it. there should be a public litigation. but no. the public just doesn’t care. we talk, we discuss, we argue .. when has that helped anyone .. like we never knew that there are hardly any competent professionals employed with the govt.

    the govt gives us shit only because we accept it .. though i agree now we have reached (or are almost there) the poitn of no return, and now only a massive tsunami can wipe the govt clean and make way for a fresh start. its a sad state of affairs we have trapped ourselves in ..

  10. oh! i missed the silent witness comment. yes, i agree.

  11. J, So glad to find a rare reader who agrees with that “silent witness” comment. Yes, its our fault first for taking it all in, and not theirs as everyone wants you to believe !

  12. I just saw this blogpost so although my comment is a little late ( almost 6 months after the last one) I wanted to say that I agree with J and with Silkboard. These things are for our use so we should be the ones who do inaugurations and stuff….firstly the politicians spend our tax rupees to build the infrastructure, we have to wait till they are “kind enough” to inaugurate so that we can use the infrastructure that is so needed by us. Like I think its great how the people in New Delhi recently finally inaugurated their own flyover….( read that story at
    So I think all the rest of us should follow the example ….


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