Infrastructure is not just roads, airports and nuclear power plants

Just too depressed to write or report anything today. Incidents like Srinagar and Mumbai blasts give me two extreme feelings.

One, how can a human being be so ‘driven’ to be able to take not one but several lives at once. Do these terrorists not have hearts of their own?

Two, why these chants of Pakistan and Pakistan-based outfits each time these incidents happen? Did someone just launch a missile from his living room at Islamabad? No. I am not willing to buy the argument that we are doing our best to safeguard our home. Lets harden our internal security first, and play the blame game after that.

When none of the government run service providers function well, why should I think the law and order agencies would be any different? Same culture that makes municipal bodies and babus and netas and most public salaried professionals do only the least bit required to keep their jobs – I am sure exists in internal security departments as well.

You could call this comparison irrelevant. But while watching the soccer World Cup finals, I noticed that each and every security person was watching the crowd, with his back to the biggest sporting event of the year, in a game Germans are mad about. Similar situation in India – I recall the recent India England cricket match at Mumbai – every other policeman was watching the match, and not the crowd.

A small but very relevant example, it is enough to tell me how well and seriously our security personnel do their job.

Upgrading infrastructure does not mean building just the roads, airports and nuclear power plants. Law and order is a big part of infrastructure, and we hardly hear of reforms or investments in that ‘sector’. Well then, let us just keep paying the price for this negligence, in installments like the blasts of today.

PS: Yes churumuri, we are the softest bloody state in the world, infinitely proud of our so called tolerant and non-violent genes.


2 Responses

  1. Infrastructure is not just roads, airports and nuclear power plants

    acute observation saar.

    was planning a write on these lines but with a different focus. but mumbai opens up another facet.

    che. vonda yerada? hatt hatra inooru jana.

  2. Thanks for agreeing Subba. We are not doing a wholesome job of improving infrastructure. Look at Golden Quadrilaterla for example. You heard so much about thousand of crores for the roads. Did you hear similar talk of highway policing and driver education. You hear of nuclear and gas based power plants. Did you hear any talk of cutting electricity distribution losses and setting SEBs right? The growth picture has to have all colors in it. Or else, we will end up creating even more chaos. Watch the new flyovers of Bangalore for example, as they end up creating even bigger jams.

    Where do you write, will like to read your blog too. If you haven’t started a blog yet, mind joining here as an author?

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