Encroachments: small, medium and large

Encroachments are so commonplace that 5 minutes worth of walk, and I have examples in different sizes.

Small: Just a few inches saar, so that I can fit my new Ikon inside my property.


Medium: This one thinks 2 feet isn’t much. (Interesting enough, this guy has expanded his kingdom to park an extra two wheeler, and not a car as you would think)


Large: Small businesses aren’t as shy to encraoch. This tire shop extends all the way to the footpath. And while the owner is at it, he has done the best he could – swallowed all the width on offer.



6 Responses

  1. what you show as medium scale encroachment iz actually large scale+small scale violation of law if that is a window out-there.
    no by-laws in bengaloor saar?

  2. Right Subba. Wait a week or so. I plan a 15 min drive in J P Nagar to snap examples of violating “setback” laws.

    We have let these things happen for so many years, our cities look like match box rowhouses separated by shops and roads.

  3. I read in one of the newspaper articles a few days ago that BMP is going to set 50% “deviation” as the acceptable limit for building bylaws. Does this hold true for “encroachments” as well ?

  4. […] Bangalore is dotted with examples like these. Setback norms have been thrown to the winds. People just don’t realize how bad a look these violations give to the city. Most streets look like having two long row houses on each side. Houses sharing walls, eating few inches of footpath here and there (see this earlier post on encroachments) – many areas of our city have this suffocating feel now. […]

  5. what about looking at shops which put up their displays, boards (ISD/STD Calls or XEROX here) and their ware outside their walls. What about Cool Joint at Jayanagar IV Block which ensures that all their customers stand outside the shop (well almost all customers — they can at best fit about 5-8 customers standing inside). And what about the basements from where a lot of shops operate. Even Navaratna jewellers and casa picola operate out of basements which ostensibly were approved for parking area. And finally what about the cart vendors and roadside pavement sellers of various products like vegetables, fruits, leather bags, toys, newspapers, shirts, et al ? One cant even walk in Jayanagar 9th block or in Madivala where they occupy a full 1 km road on both the service lanes and part of the main road? Where is the law and order? Why dont the cops do anything about it ? Well, i saw and was told by the vendor that each vendor pays a minimum of Rs.25 per day to the local cops, goondas and politicians (Sometimes all 3 are the same !!)

  6. There are tons and tons and tons of examples like these. Sadly enough, we have accepted all this and live life just fine. And whenever it is time for crackdown and demolitions, media and politicians tend to side with the “offenders”.

    That 25 Rs a day thing you mention is absolutely true. The “street entrepreneurs” pay that sum to 2-3 entities as you said – cops, goons and nearby businesses whose “paths” they block.

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