Unhealthy ways of a health minister

Let me telll you the story of two doctors.

There is this old, smart and famous doctor. Someone who joined AIIMS as a student at age of 18. Was a gold medallist undergrad as well as post grad student there. With over 22 years of service at this top medical institute, he is the best heart surgeon in our country.

Enter the young doctor, currently in the more profitable profession of politics. Health minister. 2 years of association with AIIMS. Sits on the governing body of AIIMS allegedly in violation of a Supreme Court directive that bars ministers from doing so. This health minister does not have time for his real job: sorting out the messy public health care system of our country or tackling AIDS. His time is better spent dealing with film industry and Rajnikanth to make them say no to tobacco on screen. Success with that made him force film stars to say no to cola drinks as well. Once done with film industry, our minister was jobless, so he took “Deeksha” from one Mr Arjun Singh and signed up for the noble cause of reservations.

What does minister doctor do when he can’t talk logic and reason with our smart doctor? Fire! Sounds like a plot from those Bollywood movies?

Our doctor, Mr Venugopal, has since challenged the minister’s actions in Delhi High Court. The minister, Mr A Ramadoss stands isolated in the cabinet. Lets see how his ministerial ego reacts when he is asked to re-instate the doctor.

When talking about reservations – the cause is a worthy one – why are they so focused on IITs and AIIMS. I fail to get it. Why is that our health and education ministers can only see the cream and do the easier of jobs?

Go to any public hospital in small city or village. Broken doors, shattered window panes, and red beetle juice stains greet you. Doctors are regularly absent without leave, furthering their cause at a nearby private nursing home. Talking of smoking, you are sure to find smokers in the stinking lobbies of these hospitals. (Who cares to enforce the ban on smoking in these lobbies or other public places. Banning smoking on film screens is a more worthy cause).

Do the easy job and get away with it – this is how our health and education ministers are serving us. All this while, an erstwhile champion of the so called OBCs is running full steam on his rails. We are indeed living in interesting times.


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