Ramadoss vs Venugopal: redefining grace?

Some more unhealthy ways of our health minister. Government has reportedly offered a “graceful” exit to Dr Venugopal if he resigns voluntarily.

Excuse me, but where is the grace here!? It is like you first get stripped forcefully, and then the offender tells you he wont apply any more force if you strip on your own.

The end result desired by the health minister is same – he wants the elder doctor to go. Then why this drama and play of words? Graceful exit and all the stuff.

It seems like a simple case of “you hurt my ego, let me – the powerful minister – teach you a lesson now”.

Let us just wait for Mr Ramadoss to resign “gracefully”, he will.


2 Responses

  1. Has any body read Dr A Sampath Kumar’s Book entitled “Thoracic Park: Musings of a Heart Surgeon” ? If you read Page 174 to 181 (A Fatal Gift), you will come to know how he has been instrumental in cold-blooded murder of a patient. Dr Sampath Kumar is Dr Venugopal’s second in command at AIIMS.

    He has tried to suppress brilliant students like Dr Sajja Lokesh and Dr K Sambamurthy because of their backward class. Later Murthy became internationally famous with help from Sampath and Cherian. Venugopal and his No. 3 Balram form the biggest team of crooks on earth, so what if they are good surgeons. Venugopal has throughout his career insulted people by making them stand outside his room for eons. Now if he was made to wait for a few minutes, is it a big deal? He has violated Civil Sevices Conduct Rules by breaking the oath of secrecy. If he goes unpunished, it would set a bad precedence.

    The guy is a whiskey guzzler and worse. He has made money in cash and kind for decades through Rajiv Mahajan of J Mitra and Bros. Let the government look into all his out of the hospital trips in the last 20 years and find out who made arrangement for his accommodation. The truth will come out. Let Delhi Police also file an FIR against him for murder. Lastly the credit for heart transplant being started belonged not to Venu but to Baba Das. Venu only stole the awards.

  2. Manzur, I certainly did not know most of what you write. The way media (TV, internet) have reported the matter, Venu is getting to be the hero.

    If your charge of Venu “supressing people because of their backward class” is true, then he is definitely not worth any attention for his shouts of “meritocracy”.

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