Not exactly shopaholics

Let me give you my take on this rediff story: Indians, world’s biggest shopaholics.

If you read carefully, notice this line:

The recent global online survey conducted among over 22,000 Internet users in 42 countries …

Assume they picked more than 524 (22000 divided by 42) people from India, say a thousand. Even then, we are talking about shopping behavior of 1000 Internet users in India.

Come on! How on earth can a survey based on 1000 affluent Indians (fair to assume that Internet and the time to participate in this survey means affluence) be used to make statements about India as a whole. Rediff, please. Think before you do your extrapolations to create sensational headlines. Though I do appreciate your mentioning sample size in the story.

Armed without any survey results, let me tell you one truth about shopping crowds in Bangalore. For the majority, besides home and office (movie theaters and pubs aren’t exactly a majority thing), there is just no other activity you could go and enjoy yourself even if you want to splurge. So, between house arrest and socializing, shopping is the only practical activity one can indulge in. Eating out is an honorable exception.

That is the reason shopping streets and malls, besides restaurants, are the most crowded places in Bangalore. And I can safely extrapolate this to say that same will be the case in other cities of India as well.


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