Bose, now in India?

The famed Bose marketing machine has started cranking up in India as well.  I wonder what the TV ad is trying to say though. “Bose, now in India”, I find that tag-line very ironic. And to stress the Bengali-ness of the name, the ad ends with a visual of Bengal style Durga Puja!
Imagine a regular guy watching a TV ad that screams “Bose , now in India”. Don’t con me please, Bose sounds like it was always in India – fair enough if someone thinks that way.

I had the good fortune of dealing with Bose service center here in Bangalore. Prompt and good service. I asked the guys what product they sell most in Bangalore. Its their budget home theater system, the 3-2-1. Oh no. I made the mistake of buying their 3-2-1 HT system a few years ago, only to realize later I could have bought similar audio quality elsewhere for 30% less.

Buy their other overpriced yet quality stuff, noise canceling headphone, wave radio, speakers. But avoid HT systems. Don’t be tempted by compact shapes, most are overpriced and not worth the money you will spend.


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