BDA’s future project: why no updates?

Bangalore Development Authority has a website. And they have put up their future plans on this page.

Find 4 projects mentioned here. Read the descriptions. There are no dates or progress reports at all! I have been interested in knowing progress on the proposed “Hi tech city”, the first item mentioned here. The plan – a new city between Sarjapur Road and Hosur Road – seems nice:

It is proposed to provide an approach road from Outer Ring Road at the Belandur junction to the Electronic City at the Hosur Road junction with a “Corridor” Road of 8.5 km enable better connectivity. The Corridor road will be constructed as per highway standards with a six-lane carriageway and …

The Hi-Tech City-center is proposed that acts as a hub for residential, retail, services development. This allows a planned approach to high-rise developments …

… and a lot more.

But why no updates on the project at all? Media too hasn’t talked about this project for a while now. Wonder why? Is it because this was planned by ex-CM S M Krishna?

What good is a plan if it just stays on paper. I can write a few of those myself.


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