Awaiting a dictator ?

Indians love this idea of dictatorship. Deep down, many have this hope that we will one day find a man at top who will do it all – kill corruption, make public servants function well, and cleanse the so called “system”. Ask around on the streets – would you prefer to be ruled by a good “dictator” or an elected government – you could be surprised.

Why do I say this? Each time a T N Sheshan, G R Khairnar or M N Venkatachala pops up on the scene, there is this overwhelming frenzy and fan following that demands sweeping powers for these men of honor. (There have been more heroes that just those three. In fact, people’s dreams almost came true in empowering one such individual, the name was V P Singh. Thank god the ways were democratic!)

Media knows this sentiment, and that is why they try to make heroes out of anyone who could be seen as a fit for that “dream role”.

Karnataka Chief Minister Mr Kumaraswamy is right when he says this on the current Lokayukta debate:

If any one organisation or an individual were to be given full powers, why should the government be there?

I see this eternal wait for “one man who will do it all” as part of the belief that our country can develop only when changes come from the top. And this is a big problem. Many of us have forgotten about the only realistic ways changes and revolutions happen – from grounds up!

Now, why is it so, I don’t fully know. Laziness? Culture – staying happy and satisfied with whatever little falls our way? Or simply the effect of those Bollywood moveis ;) ?

More reading:

[Note: I am not arguing against extending his term. People wanting to see him in an extremely powerful role is the topic of my attention]


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