RTI – media spreading awareness

Right to Information (RTI) is the big hope for Indian democracy, and CNN-IBN isn’t the only news channel telling that to us. NDTV is spreading the message as well by giving considerable airtime to their RTI helpline. They have even setup a domain you will find easy to remember: www.righttoinformation.org (eventually redirects you to ndtv website).

Who said competetion isn’t a good thing!? Here is hoping that this drive gets even more momentum.

I must say this though: they are making RTI sound like an anti bribery weapon. It is a lot more than that. Its a tool you can use to find and question exactly how you are governed. Bribery is a catch word sure to attract better attention than words like governance and participation. Perhaps thats the reason the sole focus here is bribery.

Regardless, good job, and keep it up IBN and NDTV!!


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