Hanes – The senseless TV ad

Is it just me who feels that the TV commercial Hanes has been running for over an year is downright obscene and senseless? You could argue it is funny, but please, its a case of humor at any cost.

First time I saw it, I half expected it to be attacked by our moral police (RSS types). I am surprised to see this ad running unquestioned for this long.


3 Responses

  1. If it was a woman cutting off a label from her innerwear, then moral police would have jumped. Ours is the only country where peeing in public and hence exhibiting is not offensive but holding hands is.

  2. That’s a funny comment :) I think peeing in public is seen as a satisfaction of a natural urge that one has little control over, especially in light of dismal sanitary/lavatory services around (not that the resulting irrigation of walls leaves it any more sanitary). Also, I haven’t *really* looked, but the way (male) peeing happens does not really constitute exhibiting; I mean there’s no dangling paraphernalia in line of sight. It’s simply a primordial need that needs to be fulfilled. Holding hands on the other hand is very much under control. I don’t think it is really that big an issue anymore, but culturally youngsters are expected to focus on other things. All said and done, by and large, I think this is a Good Thing and leads to a much more focused youth, which in turn helps later in life. I cannot help seeing the youth in US and Europe (again, by and large) who have it somewhat easier and I think India does it better.

  3. Although, to add to the blog posting, I was looking for a Youtube or something posting of the Hanes ad. Any links or pointers?

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