Airport road flyover nearing completion

Yes, I can see that the flyover is fairly close to an inauguration. The main bridge is definitely complete. But there is no way all of it is going to be ready by July 15 as Times of India told us today (See scanned picture from the same article).

airport road flyover

I can predict we will witness the rush to inaugurate yet again. There will be a quarter page ad in all Bangalore newspapers with photos of smiling politicians with folded hands and no mention of actual engineers or workers at all. Someone will then cut the ribbon for this headline – airport road flyover inaugurated, one lane opened to traffic.

And then, they will spend 3 more months trying to finish the looping on and off ramps. Further three months to clean up some of the debris construction work has generated over last 3 years. Rest of junk will stay piled up by the side and degenerate over a few years.

Somehow, in our country, it is very rare to see a quality and speedy public job, clean start to clean finish. The reason my friends is the rush amongst our politicians to inaugurate and take credit.

Extending what I suggested recently, they should neither pay the contractors nor declare a project complete till the real recipients of the service sign off and say yes, its all done. In this case, it will be the commuters who drive up and down airport road each day.

PS: July 15 it will be, says Deccan Herald as well.


3 Responses

  1. saar, read your blogs with some interest. your analysis of traffic flow is refreshing. but your views are generally car centric and I even sensed some contempt for public transport.

    here are my two bits:

    what bangalore has is transport problem and the traffic problem is symptomatic of it. solving the transport problem(investing in people mover ideas) solves the traffic problem but solving the traffic problem (e.g. n laning existing roads) does not solve the transport problem.

    cases in point:
    contrast LA and NYC.
    LA multi-level multi lane roads alway choked.
    NYC saadharNa roads always choked but people move in and out unaffected.

    reason for concern:
    if there is lot of traffic on airport rd, hosur rd, sarjapur rd and nh4 then why is there no plan to ever take namma metro there?

  2. hey tarle ;)

    Yes, the solution is public transport. I mean no contempt for public transport, if some posts do exhibit that, its unintentional.

    In fact, BMTC and Metro together can solve the problem. I am looking forward to more Volvo buses and more lanes on the roads so that BMTC can get some dedicated bus lanes. Heck, dont need the Volvos, just paint and clean the BMTC buses, advertise a lot and people may start using public transport.

    Number of cars is on the up and is only going to increase, so better plan for it. Or we will end up with 10 feet wide roads designed for two wheelers.

    The ultimate solution if you ask me is to make people move and spread out a bit. Make Hoskote into a big new city and have expressways for guys who will like to commute to Bangalore. And let Bangalore choke even more so that more and more people are encouraged to move out :) BMIC was planned to do similar things I assume.

  3. Nice pictures. This is my everyday travel toute to office & back. I remember suffering for 4 years! Its better 100 times now though we choke after the flyover ends!
    something is better than nothing.. a positive way to look at :-)

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