Beer sales slide in Bangalore

There was this piece I spotted in Monday’s Bangalore edition of Economic Times:

THE country’s beer capital, Bangalore, isn’t exactly frothy this summer, as sales in Karnataka nose-dived 6% in the peak consumption months of April-May. Interestingly, the national beer belly swelled over 20% in the same period. A price hike of Rs 4-Rs 7 on 330 ml and 650 ml packs, which is attributed to increased taxation in the last budget, seems to have halted the recovery in the state’s beer consumption witnessed over the last one year, said informed sources.

Well, with 15-20% generous pay hikes that IT/BPO sectors have been doling out all these years, would you think a 12% increase in beer prices will deter them?

May be that Bangalore isn’t the beer capital of India due to IT/BPO employees alone. Or is it that IT/BPO employees have started logging out of the city !? Prohibitively expensive real estate, booming traffic, we can take that. Surge in beer prices, sorry sir, that’s a bit much ;)


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