Bangalore Metro – jostling begins

Traders on CMH road don’t like the present route of Metro. They have been talked to and have protested for some time, but we are yet to see the end of it. They staged another protest this week.

While they may say the worry is about “unnecessary demolition of infrastructure”, I am inclined to think their concern is loss of business once Metro is here. They are thinking there will be fewer vehicles on CMH road and hence reduced business. Just look at the language of what “CMH Road Shops and Establishment Association” has to say:

“By changing the alignments, the government will save on the compensation amount. The metrorail is for the poor, and there are many poor people near the Old Madras Road. CMH Road on the other hand has well-to-do people who have their own mode of transport, and will not benefit from the Metrorail,”

Give me a break!! Who said the Metro is for poor. Hello!? That is the kind of thought that must be crushed while Metro is still in its infancy.

And the so called shopping infrastructure they have on CMH road has no provision – not one business has cared to provide – for parking space. One has to struggle to park cars in nearby residential areas. As a car owner, I just avoid CMH road on weekends. If I could get there using convenient public transport (read Metro), I could put CMH road back on my weekend plans.

The traders seem dumb and short sighted to realize and foresee all this. Or is it that they are not game to ‘sacrifice’ a bit of private property here and there for the sake of Metro?

They will all go to hell anyway once new malls open around the Indiranagar- Marathahalli – Whitefield area.


4 Responses

  1. “Or is it that they are not game to ’sacrifice’ a bit of private property here and there for the sake of Metro?”

    Its always traumatic for anybody when they are asked to give up their space. Even though they may be generously compensated (infact way too generously, if you believe the rumors floating around this time), it is still the very livelihood of many people that we are talking here. On that note I definitely sympathise with these people. Its a different matter that this traders association representative is giving stupid reasons to further the arguement……

  2. My criticism of them is based solely on the language of the reason they mention. it tells you that either they are dumb (they cant be, they are smart traders), or there are “hidden” reasons.

    Regardless, it makes most sense for Metro to go thru commercial areas. MG Road, CMH Road etc. The businesses in the area have got to go thru a phase of chaos during construction, its a sacrifice they should make. They will gain in the long run from increased business Metro will bring.

  3. I think that the entire agitation is ‘political’ — nobody cares for the general public – the me’s and you’s. It is a nightmare to drive on CMH road, forget parking. I agree that if the metro comes up on CMH road, we would consider shopping on CMH road – travelling through the metro.

    Who is spearheading this — Pramila Nesargi — what is her intent? there is a lot of ‘vested interests’ in this like other so called bangalore agitations !!

  4. Mind you, the CMH road situation is not solved yet. Expect it to become a major controversy real soon.

    Limited parking, no public sanitation and encroached and hazardous pavements – CMH road businesses are just waiting to be killed by whichever mall that will come up first on eastern side of Bangalore.

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