RTI – the big hope !

We have been through numerous coffee table debates on whether India is a "real" democracy or not. Aware voters are the foundations of any democracy. And awareness comes by way of acquiring information. But acquiring information about public bodies and services provided by them hasn't been easy in our country.

So while we crib and fuss about the local road that lost its tar barely three months after it was repaired, finding who tarred that road and for how much hasn't been easy. Even though my city gets flooded every time it rains, I cant find out "the" guy who failed to clean the drains. While the political class plays the blame game for each and every failure (project delays for example), we are not able to pinpoint decision makers who were actually responsible. We simply dont know who did and who did not fulfill promises! Forget creating aware voters, a lot of information staying concealed within the government walls is the biggest source of corruption as well.

That is why, passage of "Right to Information Act" could be the biggest and most meaningful change applied to our democracy since the independence.

These guys have a big movement underway to spread awareness about RTI and its uses. Their anti bribery campaing is based around RTI. Wish them luck. And plan to donate your time, money or both if you too are a believer.

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  1. NDTV as well.

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