The elevated expressway from silk board

Finally, the construction has begun. BTW, it is not a 10 lane elevated road as reported by many. 4 lanes, 2 each way are elevated. Another six lanes will be on the ground, as existing 4 lane road will get widened.

I would have been happier if they had started the expressway from within the city, say from Madivala checkpost itself, with entry exit ramps at Silk Board. I am thinking about the crowding we will see in the evening hours near Silk Board once the expressway is ready.

The good news is that there are 3 roads coming up in the region. The BMIC peripheral road will intersect this expressway halfway to Electronics City. If the peripheral road has good connections to Banerghatta road and Kanakapura road, we may see west bound commuters not come to Silk Board at all.

A while ago, during SM Krishna days, there was a plan to do a "link road" from Sarajapur to Electronics City. Wonder what happened with that? If this road were to be ready in time, it could encourage some more commuters to skip Silk Board junction. And mind you, with a million apartments coming up near Sarajapur Road-ORR intersection, I expect a lot of traffic from this area to Electronics City!

The problem then would be the guys who commute from further north. They got to struggle through regular city traffic, or just find jobs closer to home. For there are no plans right now for expressways through the heart of the city. Metro might be the answer.

Exciting times ahead – let us see how these projects do on time.


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