Lalu and another form of corruption

What do you say to this – "The saala show at Patna Junction"? Corruption is best defined as "misuse of public authority for personal or private gains". So does't this act – using in-law's public profile for personal gain however petty and trivial (cant take the foot over-bridge, god!) – qualify as "corruption"?

He refused to walk to platform No 4, and demanded that the train be brought to platform No 1. Hardly did it matter that during peak evening hours, there is heavy movement of trains (Rajdhani departs at 9.05 pm).

The sad thing is we hear about these events, shake our heads, and let it go. We – the public – aren't equipped well enough to ward these off. I could complaint to Railways directly, but I cant hope for swift action there. I got to have a way of complaining to a "3rd" party here. Perhaps Bihar Lokayukta (google can't find me a website or a phone number)? Tell me where do I go? There ought to be an easy enough way; if not Internet, then at least a phone number.

If I cant attack or curb these trivial acts of corruption (or power misuse), what hope do I have of checking on the larger shows?

PS: Just out of curiosity, what do you think should be a valid punishment for this? Put a price on security risk Railways had to take? Or put a price on time people would have lost due to whatever delays this commotion caused? Or ban this fellow from entering Patna junction?


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  1. hmmm..sounds come someone decide on which platform his\her train should arrive….huh?

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