Salary 1 crore, says TOI

In an attempt to feed off on recent news items like this (Pervasive logging out of Bangalore), Times of India today has an article on rising IT salaries with this ridiculous and scandalous salary table:

These salary differences are much narrower at the mid and senior levels
Mid level software professional (over 5 years experience):
US: $70,000 (around Rs 31.50 lakh) India: $56,000 (around Rs 25 lakh) The latter gets more expensive as he adds years to his career.
Senior professionals (10-15 years experience):
US: $100,000-150,000 (around Rs 45-67 lakh) India: over $222,222 (Rs 1 crore)

What a clever trick! Since you are trying to project Bangalore as expensive, take the average salary range at US (100k – 150k), and then compare that to the absolute best you could find in Bangalore.

And 1 crore, who the hell did they survey here!? The number may well be the salary of an expat executive. Or TOI must have extrapolated some SAP consultant's US billing rates to get this number. Seriously, a company has to be dumb to have $220k software professionals on its India payroll in Bangalore.

Typical of TOI. Write the stuff that catches attention (it certainly caught mine), never mind what the reality is. Great job!

NASSCOM, if you read it, please sue TOI!


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  1. Aptly said. True to form, TOI is comparing Apples and Oranges and painting a totally unrealistic picture.

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