Pune vs Bangalore – 1

I have traveled to Pune a lot over last year and a half, so much so, that I have literally stayed at least a week each month there. That is why I am often asked the “Pune vs Bangalore” questions. I also see a few “Pune vs Bangalore” search hits landing on this blog (no idea how). So I told myself, why not write a verdict on this subject based on my Pune experiences and comparisons.

I will tell you my conclusion upfront. Pune is well placed to give Bangalore a run for its money, even though Bangalore is sitting on a big lead. That is thanks to Bangalore’s ongoing refusals to upgrade its infrastructure. It is getting unmanageably expensive and crowded, in other words, close to a saturation point.

I have an interesting set of numbers for you. Go to naukri.com, search for “all IT jobs” by location. Use “years of experience” criteria as 5 and 10.

All IT jobs Exp: 5 years Exp: 10 years
Bangalore 5469 2033
Pune 2143 794
Chennai 2293 821
Hyderabad 2296 1008
Mumbai 2320 835

Notice how comparable Pune’s numbers are when compared to the other tier-I IT cities Chennai and Hyderabad. For Kolkata, another tier-II IT city that has been getting a lot of press recently, the numbers were 568/234.

Now, have a look at IT exports (in crores, 4500 crores = US $1 bn).

IT exports 2005-2006 2004-2005
Bangalore 37000 27000
Pune 9100 6150
Chennai 14000 10800
Hyderabad 12500 8270
Mumbai 7300 ???

Notice that Pune isn’t as close yet to Chennai and Hyderabad in making money. But the fact that it has comparable number of jobs on offer tells me – yes, lots of obvious disclaimers here – that Pune is in growth mode right now, much faster than Hyderabad or Chennai. [Notice that Mumbai has similar numbers, and perhaps similar story]

One can get more number based conclusions by googling a bit. But let me switch to observation based opinions now. To be continued in the next post on this series.


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  2. it jobs are very much in demand these days because of technology boom-`;

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