Deve Gowda must retire

Why Deve Gowda is bad for Bangalore captures the thoughts of most residents of Bangalore.

This man is playing vote bank politics, or shall we say arithmetic, and that too at a time when the city that has shown his state – Karnataka – the path to progress, is sitting on a great opportunity.

He has had his days (and naps) under the sun. Why can’t the man just retire and take it easy? Because, till date he has not been able to stomach the humiliations he suffered (and deserved) during his Prime Ministerial days.

Mr Deve Gowda thinks of development is a zero sum game. Urban development does not necessarily mean downfall for rural areas. Not in long term for sure. And what exactly has he done for rural development, a cause he claims to champion so much? Well, may be he has some real achievements to show there. But once he is all done with his antics, he will most likely be remembered as the guy who excelled in questioning things much much much after decisions had been taken. And the sad part is, most of the things he questions, he has been either the decision maker or an influencing party to those at some point of time or another.

The sad thing is that just the way Lalu Yadav perfected the vote bank arithmetic and learned to win elections, this man might manage the same in Karnataka. Imagine what happens to Bangalore and Karnataka then!

“Rang de basanti”, anyone?


One Response

  1. Devegowda has done nothing to Karnataka..he wants His sons to be feudal kings. Wants to extract crores from bmic.
    His own farmers problems in Hassan has not been solved. Firing was ordered in Bagur navile incident during his tenure against farmers. His constituency has long list of problems mainly farmer problems. But gowda is more interested in helping banglore farmer problems.He knows Bangalore lands fetch more money for him.

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