The rush to inaugurate!

From Deccan Herald June 12 – A picture of BMIC highway near the Kanakapura Road interchange which is ready for inauguration on June 16:

DH - BMIC June 16

Road does not look like it is going to be complete in next 4 days. Wonder why this rush to inaugurate?

I saw a similar rush in announcing completion of widening work on Bangalore Mysore state highway 17. Newspapers and local TV channels announced back – quoting a minister of course – in December itself that the widening work is complete. Everyone just believed the minister. Yes it was complete, but only about 80%. It is still not 4 lanes 100% of the way, a few bridges near Mysore are not finished.

In general, I notice that in India, authorities want to claim completion even before the job gets finished. Or perhaps the definition of complete is 80%. Not fair!


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  1. […] System (BRTS) in Pune? Ignore the fact that they rushed to inaugurate a half ready system (they always do that, don’t they), that thing sounds like a good idea if implemented as promised. I hear Ahmedabad […]

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