Welcome media attention for Whitefield commuters

Few days ago, I wrote about the famous Marathahalli railway bridge. The same bridge got some welcome attention in this Sunday's Times of India – a full page article on the problem! Yes, it does take 30-35 minutes to cross the area: the bridge, chaotic ORR junction, and the Marathahalli shops. The bridge itself takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to cross, not 35 minutes everyday as the article headline suggests. Though It has become a bit worse after the construction work began a month ago.
Here is a picture (scan) from the ToI coverage:

Marathahalli jam

As per ToI, the budget for the whole project is Rs 12 crores.

Funds for the Rs 12-crore project (about Rs 6 crore each for the bridge and approach roads) are almost all there. Most of that has come from the BDA (which was entrusted the project after PWD said it did not have money). About 10 days ago, developer group Puravankara handed over a cheque of Rs 50 lakh for the project. … the plan is to first build a three-lane bridge, then demolish the existing one, and thereafter build another new three-lane bridge at that spot.

But don’t expect any of this to happen very fast. The approach road was to complete by May 29, but this has now been pushed to July 31. As for the bridge, the official version is that work will be completed in four months. But sources involved with the bridgework told TOI that the first three-lane bridge will take a minimum of eight months, and the whole project at least one year.

OK, so most of these 12 crores for the bridge is coming from BDA. The blue colored board right there mentions the budget for six lane bridge as Rs 447 lakhs (4.5 crores) and the party mentioned on the board is South Western Railway. Wonder what exactly is SW Railway doing there? Executing the project? If yes, then why them, construction isn't their expertise?

Anyway. Here is hoping the bridge gets done soon enough. As of now, quality of life at Whitefield depends a lot on this bridge, at least till connectivity to Bangalore improves, or till all the shops, businesses and malls come up in Whitefield itself. Till then, life in Whitefield is best lived indoors.

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