BMIC: another shot fired

The drama continues. Allegations and counter allegations continue in the NICE versus government of Karnataka stalemate. Times of India Bangalore said today:

Contrary to claims made by the public works department that an ‘excess’ of 4,800 acres around Bangalore and Bidadi have been given to Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE), records show that till date only 1,777 acres have been handed over. This is less than the land NICE is supposed to get for the peripheral and link roads around the city under the framework agreement of 1997 — 2,471 acres.

And apparently, the guys caught in this crossfire are the farmers:

Nine years ago, his half-acre plot was notified for the project. But there has been no action since. Result: He can neither sell his land or grow crops on it, nor has he been given compensation!

What the hell is happening here? And how exactly will this stalemate get resolved? Run to the Supreme Court again? Waste public money on the courts. Inch a bit forward forced by the courts. And then back to the courts again. No wonder this project has been dragging on for close to 10 years now.

Will some tell us the truth please? And expedite the freaking project that is going on for ever!

PS: Keep reading :


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