Traffic terms continued!

Time to educate you on some more Bangalore traffic specialties.

Did you know about “q Turns” ? Let me describe this rather easy to explain Bangalore specialty. “q turn” is stylish Indian cousin of the plain vanilla “U turn”. A U turn happens when you keep turning right and right till you reverse your direction. But when executing a q-turn, the driver first turns slightly to the left to announce that hey, I am about to start on a U. This left deviation is then followed by the series of rights that eventually puts him in the reverse direction. Vehicle’s trail almost resembles a “q”, hence the name “q turn”!

[Fat-free version: Roads are genrally narrower. So to increase your chances of completing the U without any iterations, you would cut a little left and then start on the U]

You may have heard of reckless drivers. At Bangalore we have brakeless drivers. These drivers drive as if their vehicles don’t have brakes, hence the name. They are usually found commanding the wheels of Toyota Qualis (a vehicle that helped associate word dumping with Toyota) or Tata Sumo (a rare four wheeler sold without any suspensions, Tata assumes you will accesorize with suspensions). Brakeless drivers excel in overtaking vehicles from any direction possible. I can guess – after spotting a few accidents – that one of them may have actually succeeded in overtaking a larger trucks by passing it under its belly. How to identify a brakeless driver? If you see a Qualis or a Sumo with a sticker behind it that says – “For feedback on this driver, please call” followed by scratched out string of digits – 90% chance that you have spotted one!

[Fat-free: Call center cabs are the worst driven cars on road. Tata Sumo is the car with worst possible ride. There is no firm rule saying call center cabs should display a feedback phone number on the vehicle]

Pttrrrr” is a phonetic term that may be explained better via a podcast. This event happens when an auto-rickshaw owner decides to use a mixture of petrol and kerosene as the fuel for his vehicle. The adulterated fuel will not only save him some money as Kerosene is subsidized fuel and hence cheaper, it also helps him get easy attention and hence more customers. How? This special fuel mixture works as a noise enhancer, each time you try to race the auto-rickshaw engine, it will produce an ear shattering noise. The “Pttrrrr” phenomenon is named after this exact noise.

[Fat-free: Autos use adulterated petrol because kerosene is lot cheaper due to government subsidies. And kerosene petrol mixture makes unbearable engine noise]

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  1. New post in the traffic terms series

  2. Hi, nice one. Shall I link it from metblog?

  3. Thanks Usha. Yes, please do.

    Its like a hobby now, to observe our traffic and identify patterns.

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