The Rahul Mahajan saga

It was a simple enough story. Spoilt son of a rich father was doping at a late night party. An overdose, or perhaps the wrong type or mix of drug, spoilt the party. 1 person died, and 1 person, Rahul himself fell seriously ill.

But this is how it played out. Someone at Rahul’s house was sharp enough to sense all the negative publicity this could get. So after the party went sour, someone chose to tell the media before telling the police or even the hospital. Then, a convenient private hospital was selected to do the medical honors.

TV channels latched on to the story, and came up with their own versions of a conspiracy theory. A mystery person who attended the party and left early enough was declared as absconding. People almost bought those stories. Channels went on and started running sympathy stories on the Mahajan “family”, the end of Mahajan “dynasty” and so on. God!

The drama reached its peak when the favored hospital – Apollo hospital – told the press that Rahul Mahajan’s blood samples had no trace of drugs, cocaine or heroin. A clean chit, and the mystery deepened – what caused the death and sickness?

Thankfully, someone decided to call the bluffs right at this point, and sanity returned.

The mystery man, Sahil, has since admitted that he brought drugs to the party. Police have registered an FIR against Apollo hospital for few things, one of which is to do with them issuing a clean chit to Rahul Mahajan. Not just this, our ‘raj kumar‘ is a fallen prince now and has been arrested by Delhi police. Our TV channels have come around to believe that a rich father’s son can indeed be spoilt to this extent, and that a few stories are indeed what-you-see-is-what-you-get even if those involve high profile people. The channels are agile enough though, they have turned their backs on Mahajan “dynasty” now, and have figured a new story on the attempted cover up could sell better. One or two, the ones on BJP payroll, are still trying the conspiracy angle.

PS: As some other bloggers wrote, I too could not help not notice that Rahul Mahajan was wearing a pair of jeans during the funeral of his father.


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