How to get to Bangalore International Airport?

Looks like the work on our new and modern airport is on track. Newspapers carry a progress report every month, they all seem happy with the progress. Actually, you can track the progress yourself at BIAL’s website. Here is how the runway looks like right now:

While you check out their website, have a look at the master plan of BIAL. Notice that the airport plans only include construction of immediate access roads from NH-7 that passes by the area.

What worries me is the plan and progress on general access to the airport from the City. Remember, the airport is 34 kilometers from center of the city (Vidhan Soudha). I live 14 kilometers from Vidhan Soudha. And it takes me 30 to 40 minutes to get there.

The comprehensive plans for the airport also include upgrading (six laning) a couple of highways (NH-6, NH-7) that go in the direction. These highway projects are not being executed by BIAL. And hence there is no easy way to track them. You try searching the NHAI website and tell me.

Even if NH-6 and NH-7 get upgraded in time, the upgrade plans don’t seem to include any faster access for people who don’t live in north Bangalore. From what I gather, we will have to struggle through either the city roads, or through a combination of ring and peripheral roads to hit Hyderabad road (NH-7), and then express on the next 20 kilometers or so. If you live in south Bangalore, say BTM Layout or Jayanagar, driving to Chennai may take lesser time than getting to the new airport and then taking a flight to Chennai.

Another plan not very clear right now is – what happens to the current airport. Will it be handed back to HAL, or will it stay on as an alternate airport? Deccan Airline MD Mr Gopinath has been vocal about having this airport around as a competition. I am afraid BIAL may have closure of the current airport as one of the pre-conditions for opening the new one.

Let us assume HAL airport were to be kept operational. Then, when the new airport opens, and if getting there takes over an hour from most places in Bangalore, I wont be surprised if passengers prefer to fly from HAL airport itself.

So here are my predictions.

  • Headline, January 2008: First flight takes off from Bangalore international airport, few months ahead of schedule.
  • Headline, May 2008: Access problems for the new airport, government goes back on its promise to shut HAL airport for civilian operations.
  • (addendum) June 2008: BIAL sues Karnataka state government for not shutting down HAL airport.

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  1. […] Anyway. So I am holding on to my predictions. HAL will run as the ’second’ airport. And BIAL will sue government for compensation and breach of the contract that promised HAL airport would shutdown once new airport goes live. Plenty of drama coming, just stay tuned. […]

  2. I required the photo of bangalore international airport.

  3. Its the best thing to happen to the IT city of India. Distance should never be the criteria in today’s world. God Bless BIAL and wish them many Happy Landings

  4. In my opinion, HAL airport is necessary to continue its operations for Domestic Airlines. The new BIAL should be only for International Flights. This way, the usage of people travelling within India will not face problems of commuting to the new Airport at Devenahalli for example to go to Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore flights (close proximity to Bangalore). Once all the access roads to the new Devenahalli BIAL Airport is ready, then, authorities may decide to make it both domestic and international. I live in Bangalore past 40 years and I know the traffic trauma Bangaloreans face while travelling from one end to the new International (BIAL) Airport at Devenahalli. Roads/Train connections is necessary to give a link to the new Int’l Airport without which travelling on road in today’s condition is chaotic.

  5. […] have been predicting here that these noises will grow louder. And this newspapers story quotes an unnamed […]

  6. This is my suggestion w.r.t to faster access to the BIAL from the Bangalore City.
    The suggestion is as follows :
    1) Once every 2 hours , block the entire stretch of road from Mekhri Circle to BIAL ( on NH7 ).
    2) During this 30 minutes , some 20 to 25 Volvo Buses can drive to the Airport at a speed of 130Kmph (approx.) , like a Convoy. This is similar to what is done in North-Eastern States.People will get used to timing themselves accordingly.
    3) After the 30 mins , the roads will be opened to regular traffic as usual.
    4) This will ensure that once every 2 hours , there is a possibility of reaching the airport within 30 mins.
    5) The blocking of traffic is not new to Bangalore, as this is done regularly for the Trucks on the Outer Ring Road ( between 5PM to 9PM). Similar step can be taken.
    6) However in this case the entire traffic on that road should be blocked ( as is done for VVIPs )

    This can be a temporary solution to reach BIAL faster (within 30 mins ) from the City Centre.

  7. Hey guys….

    Just wanted one small info…..been searching on the net for this for quite sometime and havent been able to catch hold of any….

    If the airport opens on 11th May, will the domestic flights be diverted to the new one as well?? Just took a detour thru Delhi to avoid the inevitable midnight nightmare with British Airways….seems like I wont be spared!!!

    If yes, will BMTC start off the bus services on the same day. I’ll be arriving at the new airport on 12th and i’m seriously not comfortable at the prospect of coming from devanahalli….

    Would be great if some kind person can update me on this at:


  8. This blog isn’t as interactive a place, we have all moved to now, find it all there, or just ask there.

    BTW, nobody thinks the airport will open on 11th May. Expect May 26th or so, or June 1st week after the new govt is in place. Netas would want to cut the ribbon.

    Why BMTC not start buses the day BIAL opens. Even otherwise, you will have nice taxis to use.

  9. I am a student and I want to know exact transportation, time consumed and how many kms it(BI
    AL Airport) is far away from M S Ramaiah Hospital? Thanks–Meenu


    • plz let me know the distance by road from bangalore new airport to banasawadi….
      i wanted to know how many kilo meters and by car how long will it take to reach the above mentioned destination….

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