The aviation boom

I travel to Pune a lot. My Bangalore Pune air commutes started last year in February. The first flight I took costed me a little over Rs 8000. And I had two options, one of them wasn't even a direct flight.

Today, there are 6 option to pick from. And all of them direct. And I have flown BLR to PNQ for under Rs 2000. Even if I buy a week in advance, I can get a ticket for less than Rs 3000!

From what I see, the crowd at Pune airport has more than tripled in an year. The airport stays the same size though, with a few more seats thrown around for people to sit. I do see some recent construction activity to double the size of the arrival and departure halls.

Bangalore airport had become worse than Bangalore City railway station. Chaos and confusion everywhere. It has become a bit better since they have doubled the size of both the halls.

Two booming cities. And the booming air travel. I feel overwhelmed by all this growth around me, however unplanned and uncontrolled it may be.

Anyways. For this blog, let me review all the new airlines I have flown recently. Kingfisher, Spicejet, Deccan, Go Air. And the usual suspects – Jet, Sahara and Indian.

Reviews will follow soon.


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