Commute to ITPL about to get better

I had been suspecting some construction activity around the famous Marathahalli railway bridge for a month now. On my way back from the airport yesterday, at the regular traffic jam around the bridge, I got some confirmation. There is a board there that reads:

(May not have captured things verbatim, I think they put up the budget as well)

  • Work detail: Six-lane expressway road-bridge
  • Start date: 30-4-2006
  • End date: 30-7-2006
  • Tenderer: South Western Railway

Wow! 6 laning a road bridge that is only a lane and a half wide right now, 3/4th lane either way? Negative bent of mind that I have towards Bangalore infrastructure in general, I started looking for things to nitpick on.

6 lane bridge, but the road leading to it from both sides is 4 laned, isn't that a problem? I noticed that they are adding extra "lanes" on the entire stretch of airport road from Outer Ring Road (ORR) to Kundalahalli cross. Good idea, because that’s the busiest section. Traffic splits evenly at ORR, half the guys go onto ORR, rest towards the airport. And at Kundalahalli, more than half the traffic goes towards ITPL, rest continue to Varthur.

Another thing to be noticed is that South Western Railways is executing this project. I recall reading reports that said the railways and local government were fighting as to who should execute this project. Classic situation of passing the buck around! Builders that are constructing huge colonies for IT army in the area have been trying to help, but they didn't know whom they should give the money to!

So looks like they resolved all of this. But I don’t see any boards like "Sponsored by Purva/Adarsh/Rohan/Sobha etc". Perhaps it may not be a PPP (public private partnership) project.

Thing to watch now is that unrealistic end date of 30th July. I bet it won’t be done before October. I will be watching closely. Rather, I will be forced to!

PS: Right now, on an average, it takes 10 minutes to cross this railway bridge. 10 minutes in the morning, 10 in the evening! Some links:


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  1. […] Few days ago, I wrote about the famous Marathahalli railway bridge. The same bridge got some welcome attention in this Sunday's Times of India – a full page article on the problem! Yes, it does take 30-35 minutes to cross the area: the bridge, chaotic ORR junction, and the Marathahalli shops. The bridge itself takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to cross, not 35 minutes everyday as the article screams. Yes, it has become a bit worse after the construction work began. […]

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