Rampur ke Bunty aur Babli

Last week I saw an extremely interesting report on NDTV. It covered the booming local film industry in Meerut and western UP!

I didn't find mention of that report in blogs around. But I did stumble upon this blog that talks about Bhojpuri films. And I read this BBC article on Bhojpuri films as well.

The NDTV report was more interesting though. They said that aspiring actors, actresses and directors no longer have to run away to Mumbai to fulfill their dreams.

Thanks to the thriving wedding video/VCD business, everyone has figured out how to shoot decent video and produce a VCD. With VCD player prices just above Rs 1000, it has become the main platform for video entertainment in villages. So, you have almost mature producer and consumers in place.

Now, the reporter mentioned, many villagers dont identify themselves with "Bunty and Babli" selling Tajmahal to a firangi. Hence, some local entrepreneurs spent 2-3 lakhs to make a simpler version "Rampur ke Bunty Babli". Bunty and Babli cheat farmers of tractors and buffalos in this one, all done in local dialect!

The NDTV reporter went over to local VCD stores and they seemed full of these local movies on VCDs. Most of them seemed "saas-bahu" family drama types or local remakes of popular Bollywood flicks!

A director was interviewed. He said that a few guys who returned disappointed from Mumbai started this thing. But they returned with a little knowledge on filmmaking, having seen some of it at Mumbai. They teamed with the local wedding video producers, and a film industry was born!

Wow! Impressive. Entrepreneurship of the kind you may not expect. And I am sure these artists will graduate to producing TV or Radio ads for local TV/Radio stations – these will pop up everywhere real soon – or some of them may hit it big with a few movies and go high-budget.

PS: I have forgotten names of movies they showed clips and titles of. But there were just too many of them, and it was obvious that this phenomenon is not limited to just 2-3 VCD movies.


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  1. You may catch all about Bhojpuri and Bhojpuri Films at http://www.bhojpuria.com


    I was keen to know how it is begin in Meerut. I meet with Mr, Anil Pandy how is working on it for BBC and Discovery to research on it.
    I got the name of the man behind the scene, Mr. Shri Gopal Sharma “tata” and I meet him at his shop.
    After formal introduction we came to the point, he told me about his vision to do this very first time in 2000, his background is making ad-films and doing theater since 1977.
    His childhood friend was the vice president in Super cassettes “ T SERIES” Mr. Pradeep Gangal , Tata meet him with a new concept to discuss regarding DESI FILMS , pradeep approved his project and gave him a chance to prove himself , all the shooting facilities provided to him and he made his first Desi film TAU RANGEELA , this was the first movie which was released on CD for the viewers of village how was keeping VCD players but no any software to entertain them in his way.
    Tau Rangeela was a big HIT in which an old jaat comes to city with his young friend and what happens with him. It was a total comedy with a massage too. Tata use the artists of his theater group, all are new about screen acting but done a good job and they repeated in next projects too. Tau Rangeela was the grate hit and market was filled with its pirated CDs, it was a good sign for desi films.T series was selling it in Rs 90 as MRP and pirated Cds was available only for Rs. 30 .00.
    Next few films such as Ziddi Jaat, Biwi Nahin Bum He, Chichoron Ki Barat was also available for Rs 90.00 but after these T series reduced their prices and now this available only for Rs. 40.00 or 45.00 .
    The correctors of these films are from the village of western UP, Hariyana , and the market of these Desi film was also North India.
    After Tau Rangeela other small companies has also made many Desi films with the title TAU, such as Tau Behra , Tau Albela, even Tai Rangeeli .
    A new era started from a small city Meerut and the city was growing as mini film industry, New producers and company was fallowing tata to copy him in every way, his filming techniques, his way to lead the team and marketing strategy.
    Many new as well as assistants of tata become director, Tata says even spot boys / artists/ production persons are also trying to make their film because the cost of making become very low using a very economical way.
    Tata is always ready to help them if there are sincere efforts
    It was a grate surprise to me when I came to know that he is the person how has started First audio-visual cinema slide to advertise the local shops in 1977 from his Bullet advertising company and after that is was as Sathi Films Pvt ltd. I was also shocked when I get another fact of his life that he is also a first wedding video moviemaker 1980
    When video was not in India all video makers is copying him as his shots, taking, events, songs locations, etc in their shootings. Tata says he stops his working in 1987 when his partner pankaj died during communal writes in Meerut.
    What about SUMAN NEGI,? He smile and told , Suman is just my child , she grownup in his hands , suman’s house and tata’s house is in same campus and the walls are common ,

    I fond all the solutions of my queries,

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  3. In Meerut the latest film made is “Operation Majnoo”, directed by Narendra Bharati a well known writer and director of DD and other TV Channels. “Mohana” was his well appriciated TV Film aired on DD National. “Operation Majnoo” is now ready to be released soon. This film was made under the banner of IOAC (Indian Organisation for Art & Culture). The artists of the film were selected through an audition test. Amit Rana, Arvind Sharma, Huma Mirza, Deepankar, Anil Gajthal, Jagdish Prince, Girish Thapar, Ms Archana Kumar, Yashpal Sharma are the main actors of the film. Camera by Satish Sharma, Singers – Anil Sharma, Some singers from Kashipur, Film was produced by RK Sood. For more information about the film please concatc- Yashpal Sharma – 09897412120, Arvind Sharma – 09837027931

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  4. hi, i am a media student and am now working on a research project regarding “mollywood”. you guys seem to be the only people on the internet aware of it. i got in touch with suman negi recently in the seme regard and ended up as an assisstant director in her film. first hand experience of the industry but i missed the NDTV report mentioned here. how can i get in touch with mr. ankit sharma his help might do wonders for my research. thanx

  5. I heard about a DVD film called “Nach Virender” which stars Shailendra Gaur Of silver jubilee hindi film Veer savarkar.Just wanted to know has the film released in western UP,if yes from where can i get the DVD as it is a treat to watch Shailendra Gaurs acting.

  6. Dear Prashant,

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  18. Dear Friends!!!
    I studied film making at Newyork Film Academy, N.Y., U.S.A.
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