Expressways, not flyovers

Lots of ideas have been floated around on how to decongest traffic in Bangalore. The one I liked the best is to build expressways through the heart of the city. Imagine a north-south, and an east-west expressway with no traffic lights. And then add an inner ring road, with very few lights – another expressway will be the best, but may not be possible – what do we have now? If you are driving significant distance within Bangalore, you can do most of it on this expressway system.

An even better solution – full marks for thinking long term here – is to develop satellite cities. Just make businesses and population spread around a bit. And we will have pockets of congestion instead of chaos everywhere. This plan to link satellite towns via good and wide roads is a step in this direction. Hope someone is thinking this comprehensively enough – it shouldn't just be about roads to link small nearby cities. Cities need more than just roads to attract businesses.

Anyway, ideas like these get covered in your daily newspapers everyday. I should try blog about things they don't talk about as much.

Ever been on the outer ring road. How many lanes does it have? 3 each way, right? Drive on it any time of the day, and you will notice that you never have all 6 lanes available. Left and right most lanes are used by people to park their cars and trucks. What else interrupts traffic on outer ring road. Pedestrians? This, I have no solutions for. I used to be a big believer in skywalks (elevated pedestrian crossings). But go look at the few we have in Bangalore. No one ever uses them. People prefer to cross roads banking on their "hand of god" skills.

More about this "hand of god" thing and more in the next blog.

PS: Here is the peripheral ring road plan as on the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority): website:Peripheral Ring Road - Bangalore


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  1. […] Yes, it is not easy, and expect our planners to shy away from the tougher jobs. But, we badly need north-south and east-west expressways , in addition to the much talked about “elevated core inner ring” road. Only then will Bangalore be able to provide a Chicago like “anywhere in 20 minutes” envirnment. […]

  2. is there a need for a prr which is running so close to the nice road.

  3. Rakesh, the NICE peripheral road isn’t a full circle, it only runs from Tumkur Road to Hosur road. This half of prr sure seems waste. The other half does not.

  4. silkboard if you look at the maps u will then cy seeing that 2 roads are running parallel and some places intersecting each other.

  5. See this other post, there is an image that has a better map of NICE peripheral road. put that map on top of BDA’s map showing PRR, and you will know what it is. NICE PR and PRR do run close, ask BDA why!

  6. silk board being a good citizen of the country if you allow government to spend ur hard earned money in running 2 parrallel ring road it is ridicolous and image the number of people who will be rendered home less due to your high thinking i know i need to ask the bda.

  7. Hi,

    I have recently started commuting for work purpose from my residence in M S Rammiah (Mathikhere) to Electronic City. Earlier I was commuting for work to Whitefield.

    I find Hosur road pathetic as the over bridge construction is on its way and maddening crowd & traffic.
    I see a diversion just before Electronic city that reads: “To Tumkur, To Mysore”
    I recollect that Tumkur road is near to my residence.

    Is this teh short cut (or rather long cut, without traffic jams, etc) that would get me comfortably from BEL area to EC?

    Please do let me know.
    Many thanks in advance!

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