I have a complaint

Since I concluded we don’t complain enough about poor services rendered to us, let me explore how easy it is to complain. Internet is the synonym for easy. And it turns out a few public bodies are already setup to hear from us on the internet.

Grievance website

I live near Whitefield, my area falls under the city of Mahadevapura. My city has a website. And this website has a “grievance-redressal” page. In here, I can easily register a complaint. Wow! But I bet 95% of residents of Mahadevapura don’t know about this service.

At the bottom of the grievance page, find a note that says “Public Grievance System provided to City Municipal Council Mahadevapura free-of-cost by eGovernments Foundation”. I am lucky enough to have met the person who runs Egovernments Foundation. Srikanth Nadamuni will sure be a proud man if more and more of us start making use of this module his foundation has been developing.

What if I have a complaint related to traffic or law and order “service” in Bangalore. I found Bangalore Police has a website. And they have a complaints page as well. By the way, they have a page for “suggestions” as well. The funny thing is that the suggestions page assumes suggestion = complaint. Perhaps true!

Next I searched around to see if I could file online complaints with Karnataka Government. Unfortunately, the official website of Karnataka government was down. I went to the next best thing, Karnataka page at National informatics center (nic). On the Karnataka NIC site, I found an external link that – interestingly enough – said “Online public grievances”. Went there and from the content on this page (http://darpg-grievance.nic.in/), it seems there is a whole ministry dedicated to “Public Grievances”! Visitor count on this page is way too low though. Looks like I was # 16685 there.

This page also said “Public Grievances pertaining to identified 16 Central Government Organizations (for list click here) are dealt with by Directorate of Public Grievances, Cabinet Secretariat.” So you have a complaint against these 16 government bodies, this is the page to go to (http://dpg.bharatsarkar.nic.in/). How confusing.

So yes. It is all a bit confusing. But if you have a complaint against a government body, good chances that there is an online channel to take that in. The challenge is to find it.

And then, I don’t know how responsive these sites are. Is following up on an already lodged complaint covered under the “Right To Information” act? I hope yes!


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